Friday, May 22, 2009

How to stay young and beautiful.....the Malaysian way... LOL

Here are some tips on how some Malaysian women keep young.. The elixir of youth, these are practised by the old folks and then taught to the younger generation. It does not involve any magical potion, just some things you do or should not do in your everyday life to ‘delay’ the signs of aging.

1. Do not take ice

The older folks believe that ice causes the food to take a longer time to digest and turn to oil or fat and stay longer in your body.

2. No drinks right after meal or while eating
Wait for at least half an hour after having a meal before you take some water. Some people say that drinking after a meal causes you to bloat up and have the "bloated" feeling..

3. Do not use pillow under your head.
I think this is to allow the blood to flow easily in the body and head.. I might be wrong..

4. No fruit right after meal
People tend to have fruits as dessert. I read somewhere to get the most out of fruits (important for youthful look, so they say), we should not eat right away after heavy meals especially if they come with a lot of carbohydrates. Something to do with the reaction in the different type of sugar. They said the best is around an hour before or after the meal.

(errr... to some people it may sound like crap, but am just sharing what I learnt.. )

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